I don’t care what Weatherley’s history is or what he chose to do with his body, male born people - men - do not belong in women’s sports.

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And of course, what about the girls? The government periodically goes on about how at a certain age, many girls just drop out of sports and how this is Not a Good Thing. And although, yes for children especially sports is meant to be about participation and fun, at the end of the competition, some win and most do not. But where is the incentive to even have a go, if you know that however hard you train, you will never be one of the winners because some penis haver 'girl' is going to get the prize over you? And why do we want to be teaching boys that cheating your way to victory is an acceptable route to getting your own way? The only people here who are being "petty and small-minded" are those who claim that women are not important in sport.

"Feelings" do not compete in sports, bodies do and ignoring this fact has consequences for everyone.

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