Chlor needs to read Gender Hurts by Sheila Jeffreys...it is on the curated reading list I sent to women politicians...which also included the books by Hannah Barnes, Helen Joyce, Kathleen Stock, Abigail Shrier...

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Sep 28, 2023Liked by Katrina Biggs

Who needs misogynistic men when you have a room full of women to do their work for them? Great thank you letter Katrina and well deserved. Perhaps Chloe would benefit from doing some extra credit reading; here is one place she could start: https://www.noconflicttheysaid.org/ I wish someone would ask her and her fellow environmental warriors how they handle the cognitive dissonance between championing the environment and at the same time, celebrating and promoting a lifestyle which has an outsized carbon footprint? I mean, all those poor souls who believe they have changed sex would be reverted pretty smartly if they were denied access to all the medical support that is all manufactured overseas and imported to NZ. Using a plastic bag is a sin, but relying on all that single use plastic to maintain a performance art lifestyle? Can any Green help me out here?

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Senior police sergeant revealed at a NS meeting Fendalton Service Centre locale AGM that there were over 75,000 Family Violence instances involving police presence to intervene in the last year ...that's those they know about and over 91% are instigated by ...men. A woman council member was there one of those NOT responding to we women asking ccc for return of single sex spaces...for our SAFETY.

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Oops 175,753 not 75,000....

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Brilliant, and well done!

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"with Green Party MP, Chloe Swarbrick, doing her usual thing of practically bleeding all over the floor about it"


She cheated in the last election, targeted about 5 large booths and sent her 17yos to vote in them, multiple times at multiple booths (of course I'm joshing a little here but nevertheless those booths got significantly more votes than in 2017, mostly for Chloe).

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Honeslty if the men in dresses had a chance to get their genitals inspected on the way in to the "ladies", like flashing ID to get into a desirable nightclub, they'd flash their bits and keep on flashing.

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Well done Katrina!

This touches on two glaring and enabling problems (but by no means all), behind this trans-industrial-complex capture

1. Woke women are virtue signaling themselves and the rest of you, right into oblivion. As with all examples in history, it's the sellouts, that lead their own people into the gas chambers and lock the doors behind them.

These woke self debased women are the ones, that will sell/subvert the next two generations - through being teachers, influencers, politicos, media members, entertainers, sports figures - with this new ideology. They'll one day be the 60 year old's looking back with pride, at what they did to complete the destruction of the nuclear family and usher in the AI womb farms - to provide every trans person who wants one - a custom ordered pan-sexual baby. Complete with no genitals at all, just openings for waste - all in the name of equity and empowerment.

There will of course be men who decry this - even in the future dystopia, but they will be called bigots, trans phoebes and misogynists.

The unpopular view is - your destroyers aren't the men in dresses (as perverted and despicable as they are), they are just opportunists - It's the women holding the door open for them and handing them a gold plated Woman-Card, that are erasing you. They are your real problem and enemy.

They were taught, that self destructive tolerance and radicalism, is more important than anything.

2. As Lee Donoghue clearly showed, one of your best allies in this fight, is going to be a non-woke man. However, today we're teaching our boys and future men, that they are not needed or wanted. My hat is off to Lee, as he decided the woke dystopia pushers could go stuff it and spoke the truth and his masculine mind.

My fear, as a great respecter and lover of women, is that you women really will be erased - either literally, figuratively or ideologically - and our future societies will no longer have mothers and wives, but birthing people and mechanical/robotic wombs and care givers.

This used to be a joke 10 years ago - but the day will come when the Life partner-bots that are produced and sold, will come with operable AI wombs and be able to incubate a designer fetus and then deliver it via an access port (like a c-section). The bot, will be able to breast feed, via suckling ports connected to refillable formula reservoirs. We aren't far from all the elements of that scenario now. When that happens, why on earth would girls and women be needed - eggs?? Nope cloning is coming along nicely, thank you.

If that all sounds crazy, ask yourselves, how crazy would it have sounded 10-15 years ago, if I told you we would have a multibillion dollar industry built around mutilating confused children - sanctioned by governments all over the world?

Deal with those sell-outs in your ranks, as they will sink your ship, if you don't. Also, ask the real men out there for help - whether you know it or not - you need it.

Great post and thanks.

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