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Yup, nailed it again, Katrina. Well before we enter the formal educational system, we have worked out who is a man and who is a woman. For women, this will be essential information going forward since women are overwhelmingly the victims of men so knowing who may be safe and who may not will keep us here in the world a bit longer.

You failed to mention that feelings can change though so even if David entered the parliamentary chamber with his "he/his" pronoun badge in place, half an hour in he might want to switch to girl mode, so he would no longer qualify to be a prick. Makes calling someone names a bit tricky, but no doubt the wokerati have some answer to this conundrum.

And although period products may be offered to all of us people who bleed, the services for prostate cancer are offered to men. There are so few times now it seems when women are needed. Gestating a new human being is one of these tricky situations when it seems useful to recruit a woman, but even then, any old person with a uterus may just fit the bill.

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Funny enough, according to gender ideology, a person's genitals won't tell you if they're male or female anyway... don't forget that a "prick" doesn't mean that they are truly male, David might just have been assigned his sex at birth!

It's just nuts. And if this madness passes legislation (see Scotland), we're in for a turbulous ride... https://twoplustwo.substack.com/p/i-identify-therefore-i-am-the-illusion

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