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I just started the process to get my passport renewed so I can be in Auckland on Sept 20 to join the LetWomenSpeak rally with Kellie-Jay Keene. I attended 2 of her rallies in Oztrayla which resulted in me getting expelled from an event I had been selected for early in 2023 on the basis of merit due to my committment to womens rights. (..."inconsistent vlaues" and their "duty of care" to protect the delusional from this 64 yr old woman...) I am embarassed to say one of the event organisers is an ex-pat NZer. She gets her home news information from Stuff.

I have lived in Oz since 1986, married the best Ozzie man ever to exist, but its with great shame that I go "home" to protest, along with visiting the old mates and snogging the ancient Dad up in the Bay of Islands.

Ozzie is bad, but NZ is terrifying.

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Great article, hit the nail on the head. I'm not religious either but it seems Christian persecution is very much in vogue again (but not Muslims criticising islam is intolerance and yet another phobia).

So many phobias. Someone should do a study in the rise of phobia. I'm sure the disinformation project are on to it.

The events of the last three years and the media's endless attempts to cover up their own misinformation and straight out lies has turned me into a complete free speech absolutist. It is obvious that no one can be trusted to regulate speech.

I know nothing about brian tamaki and destiny church except what I have read in the media over the years, that they are fundamentalist crazies. I certainly do not hold any candle for anti homosexual attitudes but with the "quality" of our media one does start to wonder how much of destiny church's "crazy fundamentalism" exist nowhere else but the fevered minds of the shit degree, no real world experience, authourity loving "journalists".

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Jul 22, 2023Liked by Katrina Biggs

Like you Katrina, Family First and I would not agree on everything, but on this issue I am 100% behind their stance. Biological activities (like say, birth and breastfeeding) are sexed, not gendered. The mortality and morbidity rate for natal males in the maternity care sector is 0%. None of us mammals can choose which sex we want to be, and lying to children about this is abusive. Celebrating bodily harm to children is totally indefensible, as are half naked adult men gyrating about in libraries under the guise of reading to children. Investigative journalism in NZ is clearly nonexistent now as no one is asking many pertinent questions, but just content to follow the trans agenda to its logical conclusion, which is the destruction of families in favour of a movement which venerates men and their fetishes. Until the transhumanists take over, then they won't need all those excess men either.

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A number of 'What is a woman?' posters are now (mysteriously) adorning Labour party hoardings ( great word) bus shelters, a church door, Spark booths, city centre bollards...to stumulate thinking and acting, freely!

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Jul 21, 2023Liked by Katrina Biggs

Unbelievable the lengths our MSM will go to uphold woke virtue signalling. I’m thinking billboards and mobile billboards may be the only avenue left open to those of us wishing to get the truth out there. I don’t think billboard barons subscribe to woke’ism they just consider the $.

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we don't have democracy here anymore. not even a pretend one. we are governed by the WEF and other globalist business industries. i am puzzled as to why any thinking person would believe otherwise. we are nothing more than a handy outpost for global business to run experiments on.

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