The lengths men and the establishment will go to ignore and erase the rights of women are extraordinary. And transparent.

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May 22, 2023Liked by Katrina Biggs

I will hunt through my emails. I emailed the sports spokespersons from Act and National. Act said not that was not fair and the Nat said leave it to each sports body.

What part of NZ do you live in? If near Auckland there is an event coming up.

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Damien Smith <Damien.Smith@parliament.govt.nz>

Tue, Apr 11, 10:30 AM

to me

Hi Chuck,

The answer is no we don’t support Men competing in Women’s Sports; ACT voted against the Sport Integrity Bill as this Bill could open the door to the scenario you describe below.

Keep in touch.


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AFAIK Act is the only party that supports normal women in sport. Luxon correctly defines a woman but thinks that sports bodies individually should decide trans should be able to compete against normal women.

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