The weather sure turned it on for us. We left there all sunkissed and energised to keep fighting for our tamariki. Thank you for attending and supporting


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Well done ladies!

What strikes me with the radical trans activists is the masks. No evidence masks do anything generally but even less outside where no one catches respiratory diseases.

Which strongly implies they are a symbol, of "care superiority".

Jacinda Ardern turned caring and kindness into a competition. Wearing a mask outside, on a sunny day, with almost no one around shows that those protestors are the caringist carers of them all.

And caring about marginalized trans people, and climate change and all the other far left talking points makes them care-squared.

Ardern was adept at weaponising feminine qualities to gain the moral high ground just like the radical trans activists do. It makes one look petty and tyrannical if one takes the opposing side to such clearly super caring, considearate and kind people. It is an utterly insidious way of suppressing debate.

I think this is toxifying femininity. I hope you are able to wake more women up to what is being done to them.

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Thank you Katrina!

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Unfortunately, and of course I'll get trouble for this, I am unimpressed with Mana Wāhine Kōrero's willingness to use woke language and I've seen it several times now and in fact was blocked for saying so on Twitter by the same. This is not full support of women in my view as it goes halfway to agendas elsewhere.

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