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Thank you, Katrina, for yet another bit of informative information. Information that, thanks to the trans lobby playbook, most Kiwis are totally unaware of. These ideologs know that Jane and Joe Public are not going to go along with mutilating children's bodies and turning them from physically healthy young people, into lifelong medical patients (which unlike the user pays health services in other countries means that we are all paying to perpetrate these harms). The NZ media is totally complicit in condoning the treatment of mental health distress with harmful drugs and surgeries, which of course they can't fix. There is no other condition that is totally self-diagnosed where doctors just accept that whatever patients tell them, must be true, without any further investigations.

I used to really admire Kim Hill, but her rude and antagonistic interview with Kathleen Stock was it for me. I have listened to hundreds of her interviews over the years but cannot think of another one where she was so convinced of her own rightness, that she failed to listen to her interviewee at all.

And can Chloe and her ilk please explain to New Zealanders why the Greens have abandoned any commitment to the environment? This is the only explanation I can think of that covers their support of a chosen lifestyle that is totally dependent on imported drugs, single use plastics and other paraphernalia and has a massive carbon footprint. It is beyond oxymoronic to support both these causes within a single political party.

There is no such thing as a "trans kid"; there are only adults who for their own reasons, are happy to cement in the delusional thinking of immature brains. To support this is to support a self-harming cult. https://lucyleader.substack.com/p/religion-cult-whatever

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The question I’ve never seen asked is simple: Given medical fact that at conception a human is given genes from mom and dad that guide the creation of their body. After 9 weeks or so, they create massive waves of testosterone if male, and estrogen if female to create the body scaffold supporting reproduction as an adult. At birth there is another wave of sex hormones to complete the initial scaffold, “mini puberty”, which prepares nerves, muscles, bones, and sex organs. At final puberty, sex hormones guide the final body layout on the initial scaffold for reproduction, and launch sexual maturity and fertility - the ability to have sex, enjoy orgasm, and conceive another child.

Do medical advocates of “puberty blockers” understand that you can’t change the scaffolding, you can only prevent the completion of maturity? Once growth stops, you can’t restart (irreversible) - growth maturation starts irrespective of blockers, and cannot be halted? When you don’t finish brain, nerves, muscles, bones you relegate the person forever to a pre-pubertal state?

Do they grasp that you can’t mature a male scaffold generated prior to and immediately after birth with female hormones - that the nerves, brain, muscles, bones are indelibly male? You can’t mature a female scaffold with male hormones for the same reasons?

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Thank you Katrina for as always delivering an excellent piece. I will now head across to X and share.

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Thank you Katrina, I'll definitely be reading that!

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Yes, the North and South magazine is in Libby in my library - Brisbane Libraries.

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Very interesting and encouraging.

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What to do...

Has Chatham Islands got some room? We need to do some exporting.

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we are nothing more than a WEF petrie dish

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