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As a University of Otago graduate, I get their alumnae magazine and periodic requests for donor funding. When Otago gave Laurel Hubbard a women's sports award (after he competed against women at the Olympics), I scoured the university website for email addresses to complain to. I had just received another letter from them imploring me to give them scholarship money to give to worthy candidates. I told them that any university with a medical school and the responsibility for educating future doctors who could not tell the difference between men and women (or who willfully chose to ignore this), would not be getting one dollar of my money ever, however worthy the cause. I did not get a single reply to any of my emails.

As an older woman, I will be questioning all young doctors going forward, as I am not prepared to be treated by any medical professional who regards my sex as irrelevant in my medical care. I find it to be the height of irony that just at the point in history where the differences between women and men in both disease presentation and reaction to medications is finally being recognised and where women are not automatically considered to be smaller, faulty men, that gender ideology is regressing us back to an age where we were invisible or misunderstood sitting in a doctor's office.

Auckland science? Or the Department of Feelings?

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It's not possible that he infiltrated that Rotunda without some help from security. Also why was a guy, so evidently not a woman but dressed as one, not challenged by others there.

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This is utterly despicable. Do they think it’s a joke to waste money offering free sanitary products to men? I guarantee that there are female students who don’t attend classes because they can’t afford period products. Disgusting!

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